Taiwan: A Backpacker’s Paradise That Is Yet to Be Discovered

Taiwan is presumably one of the best destinations where tourists can easily travel from Japan, Philippines, and China. This isle is considered to be a paradise for backpackers who love to experience adventure at an affordable cost. The place, also known as ‘Beautiful Isle’, is popular for its cultural amalgamation owing to its close proximity to different Asian countries surrounding the island. Travelers and backpackers love coming to this place to learn and experience a lot of things.

The beautiful isle is surrounded by white sand beaches, tropical forests, and misty mountains, which add more beauty to the already beautiful place. It is also considered to be one of the best destinations for realizing your shopping dreams in the busy street markets. The vacation rentals present here for the tourists are great accommodation places with all the comforts needed. So, travellers need not worry about their accommodation. All these things make Taiwan one of the best backpacking destinations across the world.

There are plenty of destinations, which a backpacker ought to travel to, in order to unravel the beauty of the cities. Given below is a list of the popular destinations backpackers must visit when they are in Taiwan.

Taipei: Heart of Taiwan

If you are a sucker for knowledge, then this amazing capital of Taiwan is one of the go-to destinations to understand the culture of the place. One must pay a visit to Longshan Temple, which offers a lot of learning to the travelers from around the world. When you are in Taipei, a visit to Ximending will be worth the visit for shopping. Even if you are not looking forward to buying anything, you might as well like the atmosphere and the ambience of the place.

Taichung: Industrial Capital of Taiwan

Located on the west coast of the state is the popular industrial capital of Taiwan. Places like earthquake museums and science museums are major attractions in the city, which compel the travelers to visit the location. If you love great weather, then you might experience the best season in this city itself.

Lukang: Ancient City of Taiwan

This place located near Taichung is considered to be one of the oldest towns of the state. A visit to this place will make you wander around the cobbled streets, cave shops of Aladdin, and absolutely beautiful temples. Spending one day in this ancient city will surely leave you more cultured than ever before.

Taroko Gorge: Taiwan Paradise

If you fancy watching beautiful sceneries and landscapes, then you must visit Taroko Gorge. It is definitely a nature lover’s paradise. A lot of exciting yet thrilling adventures await you at this destination. Head over to this place to get out of breath this holiday.

Backpackers looking for an amazing backpacking experience in Taiwan will certainly take wonderful memories back home with their Taiwan visit.

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