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Why are men’s boots so popular right now?

So, the first question I have Chris is that it seems like boots are really growing in popularity lately. What’s going on with that? Why is that happening?

Yeah, I think, you see guys on the streets wearing boots really a lot more in the last four or five years. I think a couple of things have contributed to this. One, men are just becoming more interested in how they dress. So, it’s nice to have options, especially in the winter. A couple of other things, I think outdoor activities – an emphasis on healthy living and a healthy lifestyle is becoming really cool. That’s a great thing. So, you see more outdoor oriented clothing.

Just being outdoors. You’ve got the lumberjack or lumbersexual look. It’s coming. (The lumberjack look is a thing, yeah.) And that’s the look with maybe a big plaid check, the scarf, the boots. (Exactly.) Denim, etc.

Yeah, we’re exhibiting this right now. I think another thing is that people in our generation. I’m 29. You’re 40? (I’m 33). People in our generation are really searching for authenticity in their clothing. So, we’re seeing a lot of throwback things in your wardrobe. So, American workwear style is really popular right now. So, workboots and things like denim shirts are great for that kind of style.

Yeah, so we’ve seen sites like the ArtofManliness for example. There’s a real resonance to that of getting back to previous generations and boots are kind of a bridge back to those previous generations. Would you say that?

Absolutely. And he’s doing a great job communicating that stuff that I think we all really long for deep down, and now it’s like cool. It’s good to talk about that stuff.

Why are boots more expensive?

All right, so let’s talk about pricing a little bit. It seems like when I’m shopping for boots, they are more expensive than your everyday shoe. Why is that and what price ranges should I be thinking about?

That’s a really good questions. First of all, let’s think about the materials. Boots are typically leather, suede. So, they’re going to be a little bit more. They’re going to cost more than a man made material you may find on a sneaker or something like that. The other thing is that even against a dress shoe, which might also be leather, there’s a little bit more material. They’re coming up your ankle to protect you from cold weather, rain and that sort of thing. So, those both contribute to the extra cost.

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