Home From Home At The Bottom Of The Garden

A garden shed doesn’t have to be über luxe, but nor does it have to be a rambling shack, as television presenter George Lamb’s cool cabin below proves. Make it a real extension of your home by decorating it in a style that suits your tastes, be it a traditional, rustic or how about a sumptuous Moroccan-style hideaway!

1 Materials If you’re building a shed from scratch, seek expert advice on the best materials for your needs. Timber, the classic choice, will blend well into most gardens but will need regular maintenance; metal sheds are a budget-friendly option, but bear in mind that they can become very warm in hot weather.

2 Paint Opt for pale shades in the interior for a light, airy feel; a satin finish will make walls easy to clean. Inject a pop of color by painting door panels, shutters or exterior walls in a brighter hue. Use a small brush to apply paint to hard-to-reach areas: this will help prevent rot or deterioration.

3 Storage If you intend to use your shed for storing large items such as bikes and garden furniture, ensure that you have sufficient floor space and double doors if necessary. Incorporate plenty of shelves and hooks for storing and hanging tools or other smaller items.

4 The finishing touches Install a curtain rod in your shed so that you can hang drapes from it – this will instantly create privacy and a more homely feel. Rugs, cushions and textiles will help soften the scheme, while mirrors will create the illusion of space. For a verdant feel, try hanging planters from the roof of the shed or displaying flowers in window boxes.

5 Pitch the project at a level that works for you for an easy, no-fuss update, you could simply introduce soft furnishings or lush planting; if your plans are more ambitious, you could commission a specialist company to carry out a bespoke design-and-build commission

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