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Apparently we all have many more cook books than we actually use, most of us buying them for the sheer vicarious pleasure of gazing at wonderful images of things we’ll never make. But perhaps your bookshelves are now full, so what to do? Download an app of course! Here’s our top four for fast culinary fixes plus our six favourite foodies to follow on Instagram for even more inspiration…

1 Kitchen Stories One of the most user-friendly cooking apps, it allows you to browse its recipes by theme and country and you follow the instructions with the aid of photos and videos.

2 Timer+ Helps you to keep track when cooking different dishes at the same time by ofering multiple timers. Each has its own distinctive alarm and relatively idiot-proof displays.

3 Yummly This app helps you to search the internet for diffrent recipes, filtering them by duration of prep, cooking, potential allergies and type of dish. It also offers personalised recommendations and a handy shopping list feature.

4 Kitchen Calculator Pro The speedy tech way to convert measurements from olde style pounds, cups and Fahrenheit to more modern and familiar units. It’ll also work out new quantities of ingredients required if you’re scaling up a recipe. £2.00 iOS

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