Chukka boot or Desert boot

Who’s the chukka boot for?

Ideally, it’s a great boot for students because it pairs with a lot of outfits so if you don’t have much money, you can invest in one pair of boots and it works with a lot of combinations. It’s also a fantastic boot for men who like to wear denim or jeans because it pairs really well. It’s a boot that pairs well with corduroys when it’s cold outside during fall/winter, or with khakis when it’s warmer outside. It’s also great for men who like a soft boot because the leather is usually unlined and extremely comfortable.

Since these boots are much shorter than others, you can see your socks and it pays to have some interesting combinations to just upgrade your outfit especially when you pin roll jeans.

Overall, it’s a boot that can be dressed down with all kinds of casual wear and even with a not so formal suit or combination, it looks stunning.

What colors should you go for?

If it’s your very first boot, I suggest you go with a dark brown, a choco brown, or a mid brown because it’s most versatile. If you already have boots in those colors in your closet,  I suggest you go with something lighter which is sand because it underlines the casual character of the boot and it just gives you more versatility.

Who’s this boot not for?

If you wear a lot of suits, it’s not the boot for you because it’s very suited to casual outfits. Also, if you like formal wear, be it a stroller suit or a morning wear or tuxedos, not the right boot for you.

It’s not great for the colder times of the year because it’s unlined and it doesn’t insulate very well. To learn more about chukka boots, please check out our full-fledged guide to get tips about what to buy, the history, and anything else you want to know about this wonderful boot.

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