Business Casual Shoes

Loafers and Moccasins

Loafers and moccasins are the most obvious choices for business casual shoes for men as their slip-on style and simple design gives them a real ease; it’s hardly surprising the style originated as a house slipper.

the idle man brown loafers tan

These two styles are very similar, the main difference being that loafers have leather soles and heels whereas moccasins don’t. Instead of leather soles, moccasins have rubber pebble soles. While this may seem purely aesthetic, its important to bear in mind when choosing your business casual shoes because, if you’re heavy footed, you will wear through the rubber pretty quickly. Additionally, if you are short, a loafer with a heel will give you added height.

For two simple shoe designs moccasins and loafers are really versatile and will suit a wide range of men. If you like understated, easy-going shoes, a pair with a penny strap or simple laces like driving shoes are great options for business casual. Be careful not to stray into boat shoes, as they are too casual for work.

Dress Boots

On to boots: there are several styles of dress boots that make perfect options for men’s business casual footwear. Boots can be worn all year round so don’t rule them out simply because you see them as winter-only shoes; though given British weather this is a big advantage boots have over suede moccasins for example.

Dress boots are essentially Oxfords, Derbys or Monk Straps but in boot form. Like their shorter counterparts, dress boots can either have open or closed laces or straps as well as additional features such as broguing and wingtips.

They also come in a variety of lengths. Choosing a length is quite subjective and can depend on the width of your ankles and lower calves.

For business casual attire, you need to find a balance in between overly bulky Doc Martins and slouchy biker boots; neither is appropriate for work. Instead, a pair made from relatively robust leather that looks tidy and can be easily polished will make fantastic business casual shoes.

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