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5 reasons to visit Taiwan’s capital

November 8, 2018

VISIT (AND RE-VISIT) THE NATIONAL PALACE MUSEUM With an incomparable collection of more than 600,000 ancient Chinese artifacts and artworks – of which only 3000 can be viewed at any given time – permanent exhibitions change four times a year. The priceless works were sent to Taiwan from mainland China for safekeeping during a turbulent […]

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4 Iconic Things To Do While Visiting Darwin

November 5, 2018

Of all the cities in Australia, Darwin is probably the most unique. As the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory it is known for is untamed wildlife and rich natural beauty. If you’re planning a visit to Darwin you’ll find no shortage of things to do, and a lot of your time will undoubtedly be spent […]

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Visiting Churches of Russia

October 23, 2018

Christianity in Russia was adopted in the 10th century and since then became a very important aspect of life in the country. Only during the time of Bolsheviks, atheism prevailed over the religion. During seventy years many of the churches and monasteries of Russia were destroyed, but some of them were preserved. There were monasteries […]

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Portugal’s Best Surf Spots

September 20, 2018

It is hard to argue a case against Portugal’s best surf spots for being some of the best surf destinations not only in Europe, but worldwide. Waves like Nazaré, Supertubos and Coxos are almost household names now among surfers thanks to the coverage they have been getting from viral videos, big wave records and WSL […]

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